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North East BMX Club are based in the North East of England and use the facilities at the Summerhill Centre in Hartlepool and the Spectrum Leisure Centre in Crook. The aim for the club is to introduce the sport of BMX racing to the people of the North East of England. 


North East BMX club was first formed in 2005 to help with the running of a recently revamped BMX track owned and operated by Hartlepool Borough Council at their Summerhill Country Park development.  Seeing the potential in BMX racing and attempting to rebuild the once vibrant race scene of the North East; Steve Noble, John Butterfield and mountain bikers named Rob and Eddy set about working with HBC to obtain funding and start improving facilities.


From day one NEBMX has been committed to promoting BMX racing in our community and started running free coaching sessions before the club had even been formally recognized by British Cycling.  As word spread more riders started to join and more coaches began training to cater for ever increasing membership numbers.  Racing returned to the North East one summer’s day in 2006 and since then NEBMX have been consistently praised by riders for the standard of facilities and racing on offer as well as the dedication and professionalism of club members.  We are very proud to claim that in our relatively short life span we have helped create two British Champions climbing up the national rankings to the second most successful club in the UK!


A lot has happened since the first winter of 2005 and days spent pulling a whacker plate around in persistent rain, the track has been rebuilt, club numbers have swelled and some of the most memorable recent battles UKBMX have taken place on our 4 straight behemoth!  Despite these changes we are proud to remain true to the same values our club was based around and continue to work tirelessly to support and promote the sport of BMX racing in our region.


The Track

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View from the first berm , first straight ( on left ) leading into the second straight ...... 




View from the second berm , second straight (on right)  leading into the third.....




View from the third berm , third straight ( on left ) leading to the 4th straight ......and the finish line ! 

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